Benvenuto a BACIO INC. of CONNECTICUT Bridgeport Area Cultural Italian Organization

BACIO was founded in 2003 by former Bridgeport Mayor, Len Paoletta, who had it in his heart to preserve the Italian history, culture and traditions for generations of Connecticut individuals and families to come. Len demonstrates his passion for BACIO by continuing to serve as the organization’s hard working President and Chair of the Board.

BACIO means “kiss” in Italian, but stands for Bridgeport Area Cultural Italian Organization that functions as a 501 (C)3 non-profit entity.

BACIO is all about promoting, advancing and enhancing the culture and traditions of Italy for Italians, Italian-Americans and those who wish they were Italian and want to learn and experience more.

BACIO services and monthly events expose members, family and friends to impactful cultural contributions from “world renown” Italian artists, sculptors, architects, writers and musicians. Members, receive greater appreciation of Rome Italy’s great historical governmental, legal, scientific, and intellectual minds as they helped to shape the principles of our current day Western World lifestyles. Most importantly, since its founding, BACIO has delivered memorable member experiences through Italian language, wine making and cooking classes; Italian, home-style dinners; theater, movie and travel events, lectures and radio broadcasts; Holiday socials/dinners and Happy Hour gatherings, etc.

BACIO maintains its differentiated character from typical Italian social organizations by focusing its services and events on the cultural aspects of learning and experiencing all things Italian that appeal to participants of all ages from nine to ninety.

BACIO annual membership dues are an excellent value for the money at $40.00 individuals and $60.00 families.

BACIO invites all people, regardless of their ethnicity, to join.